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Food Trucks Serving from 5PM-9:30PM

*Please note the lineup may be different due to scheduling conflicts

= Accepts Cash

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= Gluten Free Options

= Vegan Options

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

Going into its third year in operation, chef Michael Carney says that they put a Pittsburgh spin on classic sandwiches. Bonus – they have a dog-friendly menu!
Most popular menu item: The In-n-Aht Burger, with two beef patties, American cheese, onion jam, spring mix, tomato, pickles and animal sauce on a butter-toasted bun.


If you are health-conscious, make your way to the Health-A-Licious food truck. In its second year, the truck travels around Western Pennsylvania with a menu chock-full of healthy organic foods and drinks, as well as comfort foods.
Most popular menu items: The Big Momma Drama Loaded Fries with steak, shrimp and chicken.

PGH Halal

Halal means “permissible,” and according to PGH Halal’s website, in order “for any food to be considered Halal it must comply with the religious ritual and observance of Sharia law.”
Most popular menu item: Gyros, chicken over rice and falafel pita

Remi’s Rootbeer Wagon

Established in 2016, Remi’s Rootbeer Wagon offers nostalgic refreshment on hot summer days, specializing in old-fashioned flavors of soda.
Most popular menu item: Birch Beer

Bado’s Pizza Truck

While Bado’s Pizza Grill and Ale House in Mt. Lebanon has been around for 34 years, the Bado’s Pizza Truck has only been on the road since this past December. They’re serving up the same gourmet pizzas as the restaurant, as well as hoagies.
Most popular menu items: The cheesesteak hoagie, packed with sliced ribeye steak, sautéed mushrooms and onions (not oven-baked), and the meatball hoagie

Kona Ice

Hot days call for cool treats, and Kona Ice brings exactly that to youth sports leagues, schools, parties and more. The tropical-themed shaved ice franchise has been refreshing the region since 2011.
Most popular menu items: Blue raspberry and Tiger’s Blood

The Block

Speals on Wheels can’t make it, but they’re bringing another great food truck– The Block! This truck specializes in fried chicken and waffles made from cornbread, as well as wings and beer cheese fries.
Most popular menu item: Check out their dipping sauces, including Jalapeno and Punch, made from peaches and jalapeno peppers, or Sriracha Heaven, made from sriracha sauce, soy sauce, and lime. They even have peanut butter as a dipping sauce!

Revival Chili
Accepts Credit Cards 

Just over a year old, Revival Chili specializes in – you guessed it! – chili. They aim to positively impact everyone’s life that the business touches – from the customer eating a delicious bowl of comfort food to those who serve it, as they have created job opportunities for those with a criminal history. And, they have a mission to help each employee, upon showing compliance in all areas, launch their own food truck or business.
Most popular menu item: Classic beef chili bowl, which has a signature blend of seven spices. You can also build your own bowl

Accepts Credit Cards 

For the past four years, BullDawg’s has been serving up locally-made hot dogs, cheese steaks, burgers and sausages across the region. They like to keep things local, using fresh buns made daily from Breadworks Bakery and serving condiments from Byler’s Farm in Slatington, Pa.
Most popular menu item: The BullDawg Burger, which is topped with homemade marinara sauce, peppers and provolone cheese and served with hand-cut French fries

Hott Dawgz
Accepts Credit Cards  Has Vegan Options

This food truck is known for its gourmet, quarter-pound all beef hotdogs – with toppings so serious that each one is served with a fork! For three years, they’ve been trekking around the Pittsburgh area.
Most popular menu item: The Bacon-Wrapped Gourmet Hot Dog, which is topped with mac ‘n cheese and barbeque sauce and served on a pretzel bun.

Sinkers & Suds
Accepts Credit Cards

“You won’t find individual donuts at our truck, but instead a basket full of 13 with the option to share or keep all to yourself!” say owners Ted and Jamie Tinstman. The mini donuts are not just for breakfast – they’re a great dessert option, with flavors like Razzle Dazzle, S’Mores and Sweet Piggy. And, they also have delicious hot and cold-brewed iced coffee.
Most popular menu item: Sweet Piggy, with Cookies-n-Cream coming in a close second

The Twisted Potato
Accepts Credit Cards 

“We have twisted potatoes (hence the name of the truck) topped with bacon, sour cream, cheese bacon, buffalo sauce or ranch dressing. We recommend all of the toppings,” says The Twisted Potato’s Samantha Galbreth.
Most popular menu item: The hot sausage that The Twisted Potato serves is made locally just for them and served on homemade buns baked daily from a local bakery

Coop Chicken and Waffles
Accepts Credit Cards

Specializing in “delicious southern chicken and waffles with a hint of Pittsburgh thrown into the mix,” The Coop Chicken and Waffles has been in business since November of 2016, traveling to different events and business parks throughout the region.
Most popular menu item: The Chic-N-Waffle, which has shredded fried chicken baked right into the waffle

Accepts Credit Cards Has Vegan Options

You don’t have to travel to the South Side to enjoy Nakama’s amazing hibachi and sushi – the Nakama Food Truck has been traveling for more than five years now, around the area and doing private parties and events.
Most popular menu item: Fried rice with hibachi steak or chicken

Pittsburgh Tortas
Accepts Credit Cards

According to Pittsburgh Tortas’ website, a torta is “(in Mexican cuisine) a sandwich made with a crusty bread roll, served hot or cold.” They’ve been open for a year, traveling to local breweries, events and business parks.
Most popular menu item: The verde chicken torta, stacked high with chicken, tomatillo sauce, smashed black beans, melted Chihuahua cheese, lime cilantro slaw, pickled onions and poblano crema

Crunch Roll Factory
Accepts Credit Cards Has Vegan Options

According to Pittsburgh Tortas’ website, a torta is “(in Mexican cuisine) a sandwich made with a crusty bread roll, served hot or cold.” They’ve been open for a year, traveling to local breweries, events and business parks.
Most popular menu item: The verde chicken torta, stacked high with chicken, tomatillo sauce, smashed black beans, melted Chihuahua cheese, lime cilantro slaw, pickled onions and poblano crema

Wicked Ribs N’at
Accepts Credit Cards  Has Vegan Options

This barbeque team is a member of the Kansas City Barbeque Society and was featured on the Cooking Channel’s hit show “Carnival Eats.” They’re based out of Wicked Witches Bar and Grille in Cheswick, and have been on the road since 2013.
Most popular menu item: Ribs, brisket and the Conevore – think meat. In a cone

Vagabond Taco Truck
Accepts Credit Cards

Michael Madigan is no stranger to high-quality food – prior to launching Vagabond Taco Truck in 2016, he was the executive chef at Vue 412 on Mt. Washington. Now, he’s wandering around like a vagabond, serving an eclectic Mexican menu with fresh, quality ingredients … with a little bit of a “Breaking Bad” theme.
Most popular menu item: The Al Pastor Burrito is stuffed with marinated pork, onion, cilantro, pineapple and fresh green salsa

Caustelot Creamery
Accepts Credit Cards

“Our specialty is some of the best homemade ice cream in the Pittsburgh area,” says owner Mike Wertz. “Everything is made on-site at the event. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!” For the fourth year, you can spot the big blue truck at various events and locations around the area.
Most popular menu items: Cookies N’ Cream and Salted Caramel flavors

Burgh Bites
Accepts Credit Cards

Chef and owner Ricci Minella has grown Burgh Bites from a food cart to a food truck to a brick and mortar restaurant (appropriately dubbed Brick N’ Mortar, in Heidelberg). Striving to give his customers the best of fresh food, Minella uses all local produce and says the truck’s overall theme is “fresh foods that taste good.”
Most popular menu items: Torts (signature-seasoned tortilla chips) with corn and mango salsa; the Bacon Wrapped Dog; and the Kickin’ Cuban sandwich – Burgh Bites’ chipotle-braised pork shoulder, ham off the bone, brick cheese and truck pickles topped with a remoulade sauce on grilled bread.

Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh
Accepts Credit Cards  Has Vegan Options

You won’t be served Zeke’s Coffee out of a truck, but the East Liberty coffee shop has been popping up at events and farmers markets for several years now. “Our theme is fun and our specialty is fresh-roasted amazing coffee and baked goods,” says Zeke’s Jared Rhodes.
Most popular menu item: The Royal Blue natural fair trade blend is a “darker than medium roast” that blends Indonesian, South and Central American beans – boasting a flavor that’s “earthy and full-bodied with notes of sweet spice and nuts.” On the bakery side, the raspberry bars rule

Mobile Chef
Accepts Credit Cards

“Our theme is delicious food of the world, fast … meaning we specialize in carrying various cuisine types on the truck for a diverse menu,” says owner Jamie L. Gatewood, who has a degree in hotel restaurant management and culinary arts.
Most popular menu item: Buffalo chicken dip nachos

The Cheese Melt
Accepts Credit Cards  Has Vegan Options

This food truck prides itself on grown-up grilled cheese – as in, delicious, melty, gooey, flavorful sandwiches that your children will turn their noses up at, and that’s just fine with you because you aren’t sharing anyway.
Most popular menu item: The Beale Street is a “meltastic” combination of hot pepper cheese, gorgonzola, crispy smoky bacon, sweet yet slightly tart golden delicious apples and crunchy kale“

Wood Stoked Oven
Accepts Credit Cards

Wood Stoked Oven is a newbie to the Allegheny and Washington county food truck scene, but trust us – they know wood-fired pizza!
Most popular menu item: Margherita Pizza

Sugar & Spice on Wheels
Accepts Credit Cards  Has Vegan Options

You don’t have to travel to Baldwin to enjoy the treats from Sugar & Spice! The ice cream parlor on wheels serves frozen treats as fresh as you can get – all of the ice cream is made daily at the brick and mortar store on Route 51.
Most popular menu item: Hot fudge brownie sundae

Patti’s Pastries
Accepts Credit Cards 

Patti’s Pastries is a cupcake trailer featuring jumbo-sized stuffed gourmet cupcakes as well as jumbo-sized lady locks in vanilla and chocolate.
Most popular menu items: “This is a hard question, because it depends if you are a lady lock lover or a cupcake lover,” says owner Patriciann Schvabenitz. “People have a hard time choosing, as we have about 12 cupcake flavors. I would say chocolate flavors are more popular. Two years ago, we created a brownie batter cupcake and that has been a favorite, along with the Ho-Ho.”

Pyles of Pasta
  Has Vegan Options

Yes, Pyles of Pasta is a food truck, but chef and owner David Pyles says that many call it a restaurant on wheels because of its broad menu. While they do specialize in pasta, the menu also boasts apps, salads and sandwiches.
Most popular menu item: The Cajun chicken alfredo pasta is sautéed chicken, tomato and broccoli tossed with a spicy Cajun cream and pasta, served with garlic bread. The A1 steak sandwich is another fan-favorite, with shaved ribeye, diced bell peppers, diced onion and Pyles’ signature sauce smothered with cheese. It’s served with a choice of chips, fries, tots or sweet potato fries

Carneval Truck

A newbie to the food truck world, Carneval Truck has been traveling across Southwestern Pennsylvania to see where its base is and specializing in “Farm to Funnel Cake.” With an emphasis on funnel cake sandwiches and seasonal salads, Carneval sources its produce from local farmer’s markets.
Most popular menu item: The Tyler Durden: coffee-brined turkey breast, candied bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and garlic herb mayo served in a funnel cake

Las Chicas
   Has Vegan Options

In addition to traveling the local food truck scene since 2014, the Las Chicas truck also cooks up fresh Mexican cuisine at private events.
Most popular menu item: “Ummm, everything!” says co-owner Stephanie Morales. The menu features standard Mexican fare, and vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options

Le’s Oriental

Not a truck, but a tent, you’ll find Le’s Oriental at a lot of shows in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. “We’ve been doing this for a while, probably before any food trucks came into existence in Pittsburgh,” says owner Hai Le.
Most popular menu items: Chicken on a stick, fried rice and the oh-so-inventive mac and cheese egg rolls.

Jersey Subs

The name says Jersey and they’re based out of Morgantown, W. Va. – and they specialize in Philly cheesesteaks. You might say they’re a bit of a trendsetter, as the truck has been around since 2008.
Most popular menu item: The Philly Cheesesteak, of course! Jersey’s cheesesteaks are made with fresh-sliced steak, creamy Boar’s Head American cheese, and served with or without peppers and onions

Main Squeeze Juice
   Has Vegan Options

Fresh (no pun intended) on the scene, Main Squeeze Juice specializes in raw, natural, local, cold-pressed juices.
Most popular menu item: Since they’re so new, the most-popular items are yet to be determined
Pay with: Cash and cards, but they prefer cash.

Primanti Bros.
   Has Vegan Options

It’s the Pittsburgh staple on wheels! Think you can handle one of their almost famous sandwiches from a food truck?
Most popular menu item: The Pitts-burg& Cheese, the “#2 best seller.”